You’re Gonna Love These Free WordPress Themes

I put together a list of, in my opinion, the best free WordPress themes of recent years. I will be updating this list frequently to add new themes as well as remove themes that are not relevant anymore. So be sure to bookmark this post.

  1. CoupLite by Themes Kingdom
  2. Foxhound by Red Radar
  3. Burger Factory by Angus Woodman
  4. Hamilton by Anders Noren
  5. Forma Free by Just Good Themes
  6. Kernel by ThemeDesign
  7. Neville by Acosmin
  8. Davis by Anders Noren
  9. Fukasawa by Anders Noren
  10. Iwata by Anders Noren
  11. Hitchcock by Anders Noren
  12. Rowling by Anders Noren
  13. Lovecraft by Anders Noren
  14. Davis by Anders Noren
  15. Editor by Array Themes
  16. Typable by Array Themes
  17. Author by Array Themes
  18. Fixed by Array Themes
  19. Transmit by Array Themes
  20. Rams by Anders Noren
  21. Baskerville by Anders Noren
  22. Garfunkel by Anders Noren
  23. Hoffman by Anders Noren
  24. Thoughts by Pixel Revel
  25. Vito by Quema Labs
  26. Reyl Lite by Quema Labs
  27. Maker by ThemePatio
  28. Almia by Fancy Themes
  29. Azalea Free by Just Good Themes
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